Tours and activities on Isla Holbox

There are various activities you can do on Isla Holbox and surroundings for those visitors that are not happy enough just enjoying the beach.

Here are some ideas:

Discover deserted beaches on bicycle

Descrubre las playas desiertas en Isla Holbox

You can discover most of the island on foot, since the distances are relatively short. However you can reach the most remote beaches faster and more comfortably by bicycle. This island is flat and it is very easy to ride a bike, which can be rented at reception.

Swim with the whale shark

Nada con e tiburon ballena

Relatively little is known about the whale shark, with a size of between 8-12 meters (25-40 ft) and an estimated weight of 10-12 tons, it is not only a shark but the largest fish! Every year, in the months of June, July and August, you can see large congregations of whale sharks in Holbox’s waters. Whale sharks feed on plankton, which are plentiful here in the summer months. They are totally harmless to humans. Hotel Villas Delfines offers summer excursions to swim with the whale sharks or to observe them by boat. Scuba diving with them is not allowed.

Flamingo and bird watching

Observación de flamingos y otras aves en Isla Holbox

Pelicans, frigate birds, ibises, cormorants, ospreys and flamingos are just some of the bird species that nest on Isla Holbox. Often ibex can be seen watching the view from the top of our palapas. During the day the frigate birds fly over the beach and you can observe the Pelican’s and cormorants fishing skills. Osprey only nest on Holbox in the winter. As for the sullen flamingos, they live in the shallow waters of the island’s most remote beaches; the size of the colony varies seasonally.

Kayak in the crystal waters

Kayak en Isla Holbox

Numerous canals cross through Isla Holbox, where you can observe diverse birds at sunrise and sunset. These canals are accessible only in kayak and are shallow and surrounded by mangroves. In Villas Delfines you can rent kayaks by the hour.

Discover Isla Holbox in golf cart

Holbox en carrito de golf

The most common vehicle on Isla Holbox, as you will discover when you arrive on the island, is the golf cart. When you arrive at the pier you will find dozens of yellow golf carts that are Holbox taxis. You can also rent golf carts at Villas Delfines by the hour or by the day. They are easy to drive on the island’s sandy roads.

Fishing with the islanders

Pescadores en Isla Holbox

The fisherman on Holbox use only fishing line, without the rod, which is cast into the water with only a piece of bait. Using this method, good size fish are caught, which make delicious ceviche. This fishing technique requires no experience and is ideal for both adults and children. The fisherman will gladly help you. Please inquire at reception.

Visit the Chichen Itzá archeological site

Chichen Itzá

Since 1988 Chichen Itzá has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site and in 2007 it was named one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. This archeological site is, without a doubt, one of the most important and most visited in all of Mexico. It is three hours from Holbox. Reserve your trip with us!